The Red Balloon Campaign is raising global awareness around chronic pain, which not only affects individuals, but also their families, and society at large.

Pain Alliance Europe (PAE)


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100 million people across Europe suffer with chronic pain.

We want to make a change and improve pain management across Europe for today and for future generations.
In order to do so we need your help to spread the word and ‘Release the Pain’. ...Because together we can achieve so much more! By supporting this campaign you are helping us to make chronic pain more visible and spark a change that will improve millions of lives across Europe.
Thank you for your support.

Joop Van Griensven – PAE President


On May 23rd, at the European Parliament in Brussels

At this meeting, Pain Alliance Europe launched The Red Balloon Project in partnership with Boston Scientific – a campaign aimed at raising awareness of the critical impact of chronic pain on individuals, their loved ones and society. The red balloon is a symbol of chronic pain and participants are asked to take a picture with a red balloon, either releasing it or bursting it to #releasethepain.

By supporting the campaign, participants are making chronic pain more visible. It is a powerful message to politicians, policy makers and healthcare providers that a change needs to occur to provide better pain management to patients across Europe.

The Project will continue until 2017, with a digital campaign aimed at reaching as many people as possible. To be part of the project post your pictures and videos of the red balloon on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #RELEASETHEPAIN.

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Our mission is to improve the quality of life of people with chronic pain.

One of our main objectives is to raise awareness with politicians and policymakers, healthcare providers, employers and the general public about the millions of people across Europe who suffer with chronic pain and the devastating impact it can have on their lives and their loved ones.
Chronic pain has a huge societal and economic impact and can affect any one of us in our lifetime.
We want to make achange and improve pain management across Europe for today and for future generations.

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    Liisa Mikonen - Vice-President of PAE


The cooperation partners of the SIP Platform 2016 are happy to endorse the objectives of the Red Balloon Project as foreseen by Pain Alliance Europe (PAE)

    The scientific framework of the “Societal Impact of Pain” (SIP) platform is under the responsibility of the European Pain Federation EFIC®.

    Cooperation partners for SIP 2016 are Pain Alliance Europe (PAE) and Active Citizenship Network (ACN). The pharmaceutical company Grünenthal GmbH is responsible for funding and non-financial support (e.g. logistical support) of the SIP Platform. The scientific aims of the SIP symposia have been endorsed by a large number of international and national pain advocacy groups, scientific organizations and authorities.”